Thursday, 13 May 2010

"New" - Excerpt Taken From The- "" - "Other Services Page"

Commercial Licensing of Backing Tracks:
Film & Television
Web-based media.
Corporate presentation.
Museum and themed installations.
Production audio archives.
Music & FX libraries.
Sonic branding and company logos.
For all commercial licensing enquiries email

"New" Excerpt Taken From The "" - "About Us Page" is based in the Suffolk County Town of Ipswich in the UK and offers a vast catalogue of professional backing tracks, we have been serving self contained professional and semi-professional artists for over twenty years.
In the past owner Patrick Alexander has been associated with leading companies in the business including SBI and Paris Music, he has used this unrivalled experience as a sound engineer/producer to bring together a top quality catalogue of backing tracks that will impress artists with an ear for quality and enhance any live vocal performance.
Our aim is to make buying quality backing tracks a simple click and buy process. When paying through PayPal, please return to the Soundback website via the link provided on the PayPal page to download your purchase. Alternatively log back into and download your track from our automated recent purchases page.

"New" - Happy-Birthday-To-Ya - "Backing Track At Soundback"

This guy personally deserves real praise as he entertained me as a youth along with many of my generation and never failed ever!!

Personal Dedication.HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVIE.

"New"- Tina Turner - "Backing Track At Soundback"

Big wheel keep on turnin'Proud Mary keep on burnin'Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the river.

The question is who or what was Proud Mary?

Answers on a post please.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

"New"- One Voice-"Backing Track At Soundback"

Apart from the original by Barry Manilow which famous actor was caught singing this song creating a riot in South London.

Answers on a post please.

"New"-Bring Me Sunshine -"Backing Track at Soundback"

I thought as Eric Morcombe was such a Luton Town Fan and that they never got their just deserts this season I would place this track up on the blog.

You never know it might work for them next season.