Friday, 30 April 2010

"New" Ian Lennard -"Backing Tracks At Soundback"

Taken from Ian's facebook page;

Ian Lennard I have been running a professional backing track company for over a year and supply 4 of the biggest sites in the industry, specializing in the latest chart hits. I will soon be launching a venture that will help us all; if an artiste on the island of Tenerife wants a specific track I will make it for free (availability permitting) on the understanding that the client will record all the backing vocals along with the main vocal.

As a Company that uses BangonTrax backing tracks supplied by Ian Lennard, will be supporting the new venture and adds that the quality of Ian's backing tracks are of the highest order.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

"New"-Whatever Gets You Through The Night-"Backing Track At Soundback"

The song "Whatever Gets You Through The Night" sung by John Lennon featured another very well known artist,can you Soundback Fans tell me who it was.

Answers on a post please.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

"New"-Dave Berry-"Backing Track At Soundback"

Several correct answers on the last few questions but the Chuck Berry question still not totally answered so here in the link is a clue.

The original English singer to release this song will give you a clue to the answer.

On a post please.

"New"- I Have A Love -"Backing Track At Soundback"

We have a track at Soundback that I know absolutely nothing about so I was wondering if any of the Soundback Fans can help. The title is "I Have A Love" we know it comes from a show and is probably 60s in its style. Can anyone give information about this song?

To hear a sample click the link above.

Answers on a post please.

Monday, 26 April 2010

"New"-Chuck Berry"-Backing Track At Soundback"

A track that cannot fail to get a crowd tapping their toes and in my opion the best story put to a song ever. The question is though what big Welsh talent did a cover of this song and who had the hit in the English charts in the same month as Chuck Berry in the 60s and which artist got the highest possition.

Answer on a post please.

"New"-Beverly Craven-"Backing Track At Sound"

There can be no doubt why Beverly Craven and this this backing track was made when the original artists had such a massive hit with it,but do you know who and why?

Answer on a post please.

"New"-Annie Lennox-"Backing Track At Soundback"

Simple question this one,who had this hit that Annie Lennox covered and just to make it worth while what year and month.

Answers on a post please.

"New"-Sonia-You To Me Are Everything-"backing track at Soundback"

A top English band had the original hit with this track twice in ten years. Can you tell me who the band was and what years the song gave them chart success.

Answers on a post please.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

"New" Katherine Jenkins-"backing track at Soundback"

I rate this song as a potential classic for the female ballad singers of this era,what category would you put this song into?

Answers on a post please.

"New"-What Kind Of Fool Am I?-"backing track at SoundBack"

One of Englands greatest (in my opinion of course) Actors/Comedians sang this song in a film can you name him.

Answers on a post please.

"New"-The Way You Do The Things You Do -"backing track at SoundBack"

This one should be easy for any dedicated Soul fans,Who recorded the original of this track covered by UB40 and to make it a little tougher who was the guy from the same label that wrote this classic track.

Answers on a post please.

"New"-Three Lions"-"backing track at SoundBack"

Whats the opinion of this track will it be used for this World Cup or does the Terry Venables track hold more of a flavour for 2010.

Ansers on a post please.

"New" Give me just a little more time-"backing track at Soundback"

Can you tell me the name of the original artist to record this track that Kylie has covered?

answer on a post please.


Monday, 12 April 2010

"New" Peggy Lee-Fever-"backing track at Soundback"

Obvioiusly a favorite with the self contained singers the backing track "Fever" by "Peggy Lee" has been one the the most consitant sellers from the Soundback catalogue since Christmas.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

"New" Candy Dulfer-"backing track at Soundback"

A particular musical instrument was associated with this artist who had a minor hit with her only release (as far as I can see) in the 1980s

But the question is did she play it or did she sing about it.

"New"Henry Mancini-"backing track at soundback"

I am sure most of you would recognise the theme to the Pink Panther but how many of you would be able to name the composer.

"New"Carl Mann-Pretend-"backing track at Soundback"

A very famous artist originally sung this song in the year of 53 it has been covered by Carl Mann in the Soundback catalogue can you name the famous artist.

Monday, 5 April 2010

"New"-Gershwin or Glee Cast-"Backing Tracks at Soundback"

Survey !!,Soundback has decided to do a little survey amounst its FB fans to see if they would rather listen to a Gershwin classic or a Popular song of today.We are not saying one is better than the other or anything of that nature but purely trying to see what peoples thoughts are.
To be fair you do have to use a little imagination as whatever you decide beween the songs must be on an even playing field such as a small stage at your local Pub or Club.

There will be no click select button just leave you answers in the Blog Post.